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ArabLounge Review: Is It The Right Option For You In 2023?

Pros & Cons

  • ArabLounge offers a safe and secure online dating experience.
  • It has an extensive user base of singles from the Middle East.
  • The site is easy to use with plenty of features to help you find your perfect match.
  • Not enough active users.
  • Limited search options for finding matches.
  • Profiles can be hard to navigate and read through.
  • Some profiles are incomplete or outdated.
  • Messaging system is slow and unreliable at times.

Mobile App

Ah, ArabLounge. It’s a great online dating site for those looking to meet someone special from the Middle East and North Africa region – but does it have an app? Well, I’m here to tell you that yes, there is indeed an app! And what’s more: it’s native too! The ArabLounge mobile application allows users on-the-go access to their profiles so they can stay connected with potential matches no matter where they are.

The main advantage of this mobile application is its convenience; being able to check messages or view new members while out and about makes staying in touch easy as pie. Plus, the user interface looks slick and modern which adds another layer of appeal – especially when compared with some other apps out there that look like something straight outta 2006 (you know who you are!).

On top of all that good stuff though comes one major downside: cost. Unlike many other dating sites’ apps which offer free downloads across both Android & iOS platforms, unfortunately ArabLounge only offers its download for Apple devices at present – meaning if your phone isn’t iPhone compatible then tough luck buddy! That said however even if you do own an iPhone then be prepared for a bit sticker shock because unlike most others Arabic Lounge charges $4 per month subscription fee just for using their service via the App Store…ouch!!

That aside though overall speaking my experience has been positive thus far since downloading it myself not long ago so hopefully yours will be too once/if give it go yourself someday soon(ish). So why doesn’t everyone else have one yet? Who knows really…perhaps time constraints or budget issues could explain why some sites don’t make use of such technology but either way until these obstacles get sorted by them we’ll just have keep our fingers crossed ‘til then eh?!

User Profiles

If you’re looking for a good time on an online dating site, ArabLounge is not the place to be. It has some of the most basic user profiles I have ever seen and there isn’t much that can be done to spruce them up. The public profile view doesn’t give away too much information about potential matches either; it’s mostly just their name, age, location and interests. You can add a custom bio but unfortunately this won’t help you stand out from other users as everyone else will also have one!

The location info in each profile is pretty vague – all it says is which country they are located in without any indication of distance between users or if they live near each other at all. This makes connecting with someone who lives close by almost impossible unless you start messaging people randomly until something clicks (which we don’t recommend). There’s no way to hide your own personal details either so if privacy matters then this might not be the best choice for you afterall…

As far as premium subscriptions go – there really aren’t many benefits besides being able to message more people per day than non-premium members get access too; nothing fancy like extra features or additional filters etc.. And speaking of messages – while testing out ArabLounge I encountered quite a few fake profiles sending me automated messages trying hard sell me stuff instead talking about getting together for coffee sometime… Yikes! All in all though, my experience wasn’t great and certainly didn’t make me want come back anytime soon – so save yourself some trouble down the line: steer clear from ArabLounge!

Michael Marks

Michael Marks is an online dating expert and author who has been helping singles find love for over a decade. With his unique blend of knowledge, experience, and humor he brings the world of modern romance to life in a way that’s both informative and entertaining. A graduate from Columbia University with degrees in Psychology & Sociology, Michael was inspired by his own experiences as well as those around him to pursue writing about relationships & dating topics full-time after college. His work has since appeared on numerous publications such as The Huffington Post, Elite Daily & Glamour Magazine where he shares advice on everything from creating successful profiles to navigating difficult conversations with potential partners. He also writes reviews for popular sites like Match.com or eHarmony which have helped many people make informed decisions when it comes time to choose their next date destination! Beyond writing articles about finding love online; Michael regularly speaks at events across the country sharing tips based off personal anecdotes while always emphasizing the importance of being honest during every step along your journey towards happily ever after! When not working you can usually find him exploring new cities or trying out some local cuisine - all activities that help keep things interesting so there's never any shortage inspiration when it comes time write another article...or two!

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