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Exploring the Benefits of ConnectingSingles: A Comprehensive Review


ConnectingSingles is like a broken record – it just keeps repeating the same thing over and over again. Sure, they have some features that make them stand out from other dating sites but in my experience, none of these features really work as advertised. The user interface is clunky and outdated which makes finding potential matches more difficult than it should be. Plus, there’s no guarantee you’ll actually find someone who shares your interests or values on ConnectingSingles; chances are slim to none! All in all I’d say save yourself time and money by steering clear of this one – trust me when I say there are better fish in the sea!

Design & Usability

If you’re looking for a dating site with style, ConnectingSingles is not the place to be. From its garish colors and outdated design to its lack of usability features, this website leaves much to be desired.

Let’s start with the aesthetics: The homepage looks like it was designed in 1995 – bright blues and greens clash together without any sort of harmony or cohesion. Even when you upgrade your subscription (which costs an arm and a leg), there are no UI improvements that make up for the eyesore that greets users upon entering the page. And don’t even get me started on how difficult it is just trying to navigate around! There’s nothing intuitive about clicking through menus or searching profiles; I found myself lost more times than I’d care to admit while testing out their services!
Ugh…it’s enough already! All these issues combined make ConnectingSingles one big headache waiting happen – if you want something easier on both your wallet AND eyesight, look elsewhere my friend!

ConnectingSingles features

ConnectingSingles is a dating site that promises to help singles find their perfect match. But, after taking a closer look at the features of this website, I’m not so sure it’s worth your time or money.

First off, let’s talk about the free features on ConnectingSingles: they’re pretty much non-existent! Sure you can create an account and browse other users’ profiles for free but if you want to actually communicate with someone then you’ll have to pay up. And even when paying for membership there are still quite a few restrictions; such as limited messaging capabilities and no access to advanced search filters – which makes finding potential matches more difficult than it should be!

The paid options don’t offer much in terms of value either – all they do is give members unlimited messages (which again isn’t great considering how hard it already is just trying to find someone who meets your criteria) plus some additional profile customization tools that aren’t really necessary anyway. Plus these premium accounts come with hefty price tags ranging from $19-$29 per month depending on what type of plan you choose – definitely not cheap by any means!

As far as unique features go…well there really aren’t any here either unfortunately; nothing stands out compared against other popular dating sites like Match or eHarmony where things like compatibility tests and detailed personality quizzes are offered at no extra cost. All in all ConnectingSingles feels outdated and overpriced given its lacklustre selection of services available both through its basic package offerings AND expensive upgrades – leaving me feeling totally underwhelmed overall 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Free to join and use
  • 100% free messaging
  • Advanced search capabilities
  • Comprehensive forums
  • Private mailboxes

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