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S’More Review: What You Need to Know

Security & Safety

When it comes to safety and security, S’More falls short. This dating app is missing a few key features that make other apps stand out in terms of keeping users safe from bots and fake accounts.

For starters, there’s no verification process for users on the platform. You can sign up with just an email address or phone number – not exactly foolproof when it comes to weeding out those pesky scammers! Plus, there isn’t even a two-step authentication option available so you’re basically leaving your account open for anyone who wants access. Not cool!

Another issue I have with this app is its lack of photo review policies – meaning any photos uploaded are automatically approved without being checked by moderators first which could lead to some pretty unsavory images popping up on people’s profiles if they don’t take care in what they upload themselves (which let’s face it – most people won’t). And while their privacy policy does state that user data will be kept secure at all times, how do we know this actually happens? We’ve seen time and again how companies fail miserably when trying to protect our personal information online so why should S’More be any different?

Overall then my verdict would have to be: proceed with caution where S’More is concerned as far as safety goes because right now things aren’t looking too good…

Gordan Bizar

Gordan Bizar is an online dating expert who has dedicated his life to helping people find the perfect match. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Stanford University and has been writing reviews on different dating sites and apps for over five years now. Growing up, Gordan was always interested in understanding how relationships worked; what made them successful or unsuccessful? This curiosity eventually led him to pursue a career as an online dating expert where he could help others navigate the complex world of modern day romance. With his extensive knowledge of psychology, combined with first-hand experience using various platforms himself, Gordan provides valuable insight into which ones are best suited for certain types of individuals looking for love - whether it be through casual hookups or long term commitments. He believes that everyone deserves to have access to quality resources when searching for their ideal partner and works hard each day towards this goal by providing detailed analysis on all aspects related to finding true connection: compatibility tests, messaging etiquette tips & tricks etc... His mission is simple: make sure no one ever feels alone again! Throughout his journey so far as an online relationship advisor/expertise reviewer he’s managed not only gain recognition but also build trust among those seeking advice about digital courtship — making him one of the most respected names within this industry today.

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